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VR Exploration on Mars Globe GeoPositioning

By a wide margin, the most widely used app while traveling is Maps.

Without the limitations of reality, position indication was shown via a Globe. Mars has few POIs, so a rough indication is sufficient for a quick look of where they, and you are. If the player wants to see POIs that are not facing the camera, the Globe UI is unwrapped via Blend Shape manipulation of a single plane.

Geo coords are parsed to accurately position onto plane / sphere, the location name derives from metadata on server.

Globe UI For Mars Explore

Valentin burov globewrap

Indicator of Player location, "halo" used as affordance to unwrap globe

Valentin burov globeunwrap

Unwrapped Globe gives a full map view of all POIs, detail on your location, as well as buttons to navigate elsewhere

Map Projection